Waste Revolution

Meet the team

Meet the team revolutionising Australia’s response to the plastics crisis


Plastic Neutral Certification

Before Waste Revolution


Harry (right) and Chris (left) met when they were six years old and have been best friends since. Since they were children, they have bonded over their love for sport, outdoor activities and camping.

Their passion for adventure and travel has seen them backpack around Europe, Central America and Asia. They both believe that time spent in nature is time well spent. With backgrounds in Law and Management Consulting, they want to spend their careers building a business that will help solve the plastic problem for good and keep our environment and its wildlife clean and healthy.


Plastic Neutral Certification
Plastic Neutral Certification

and Plastic Offsetting is born


In mid 2019, Harry and Chris partnered to manufacture a seaweed face and body scrub. They wanted to manufacture and market a brand with no negative impact on the environment. But they ran into the same problem that many companies face. Plastic packaging.

They wanted to run a plastic-free business, but suitable alternatives to plastic packaging were not available for a cosmetic product like theirs. Avoiding plastic also introduced issues around transportation, cost and product preservation. But they figured if companies need to use plastic packaging, there had to be a way for them to take accountability for the plastic waste they produced…

And so Waste Revolution was born…

Waste Revolution is Australia’s first Plastic Neutral Certification. It’s a simple and powerful tool to help companies stimulate plastic collection and recycling, drive a circular economy and address their plastic footprint.  




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