Modern-day Apothecary IKKARI goes Plastic Neutral, offsetting over 810kg in 2023

Plastic Neutral Certification
Plastic Neutral Certification
Plastic Neutral Certification

Australian brand IKKARI commits to going Plastic Neutral as part of its holistic sustainability strategy

IKKARI is a modern-day apothecary designed to offer curated, holistic and natural solutions to optimise your health and wellbeing. Launching in March 2023, IKKARI’s range of over 70 products encompass skincare, supplements, and scents. 

From its inception, IKKARI has been committed to people, planet and prosperity and, as part of this pledge, prioritises reducing its environmental impact through responsible sourcing.  Reducing its reliance on plastic is a core focus for the brand which, at launch, reported 94% of its entire packaging suite (by weight) to be kerbside recyclable. 

Taking accountability for the resources it uses, IKKARI also launched with a recycling program facilitated by Terracycle’s ZeroWaste Box solution.

To compliment these strong sustainability commitments, IKKARI has pledged to take their entire product range Plastic Neutral, paying to recycle over 850kg in 2023. 

In partnership with Plastic Forests and BlazeAid

Plastic Neutral Certification
Plastic Neutral Certification

kilograms of plastic offset in 2023

recycled plastic posts donated to Australian farmers

To reduce their plastic impact, IKKARI are funding the production of over 850kg of recycled plastic posts. The posts are made from soft/flexible plastics, which currently have a very low recycling rate.

These posts are donated to Australian charity BlazeAid who help farmers rebuild their properties after bushfires or floods, by planting trees and rebuilding fences. Not only are IKKARI diverting over 850 kg of plastic from landfill, but they are playing their part in helping rebuild and regenerate Australian communities.

IKKARI’s sustainability commitments

IKKARI has developed a Responsibility Charter to guide its actions in terms of social, environmental, and economic impact.

The Charter outlines IKKARI’s pledges and targets, and will be used to track progress in minimising their environmental impact.  Some of their key environmental pledges are displayed to the right. 

Recyclable packaging

Ensure our packaging is 100% recyclable by offering a recycling program in our stores with TerraCycle® via their Zero Waste Box™ solution.

Refill and re-use

Prioritise responsible practices such as refillable and reusable packaging.

The Good Book

Achieve 30% recycled paper, responsibly sourced and certified by PEFC.


Develop a sustainable framework with a third party expert for how we want to set up stores in future.


Develop responsibly sourced policies for high risk commodities (including all animal derived ingredients) and obtain third party certifications where possible.

Carbon emissions

Map our carbon emissions and set targets to reduce and offset for the future.

Join our growing community of sustainability leaders who are taking decisive action to clean up our planet


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