Australian beauty brand INIKA Organic has committed to offset 4.7 tonnes of plastic in 2022

Plastic neutral certification

INIKA Organic takes their products Plastic Neutral

Plastic neutral certification

Being an earth-first beauty brand, INIKA Organic are constantly looking for ways to minimise their impact on the environment and play an active role in helping to protect our planet. They have spent the last two years totally re-thinking their packaging and overall approach to sustainability. 

In 2022 they re-launched their product line having drastically reduced their use of virgin plastic, instead using sugarcane plastic, aluminium, and glass. Most importantly, where INIKA did need to use plastic, 72 percent came from post-consumer recycled plastics, improving the circularity of their business. 

To compliment this fantastic work, INIKA have committed to taking all of their products Plastic Neutral – meaning that for every kilo of plastic that they produce, one kilo will be recycled. This means less plastic entering our oceans or ending up in landfill. 


Plastic neutral certification

“INIKA Organic is authentically seeking to do better for our beautiful planet, and Waste Revolution, who are completely aligned to our values, have made this possible. Compared to other mainstream plastic upcycling programs, they deliver above and beyond in making a real, measurable difference to the global plastic crisis.

Our initiative will not only protect environments but showcase that everyone can be a part of the solution. It is not about a pledge for us – It is about action!”

 Polly Roderick, Senior Brand Manager of INIKA Organic

INIKA Organic’s Plastic Neutral journey

Plastic Neutral Certification
Plastic neutral certification
Plastic neutral certification





INIKA Organic worked with Waste Revolution to complete a plastic footprint audit of their new product line. This provided them with a granular view of what products are driving their plastic use.


Through our Plastic Action Plan, Waste Revolution will work with INIKA Organic to identify further opportunities for plastic reduction, increased use of PCR plastic, and improved circularity. 


INIKA Organic have committed to offsetting 4.7 tonnes of plastic in 2022, funding the production of over 800 fence posts made from hard to recycle plastics. These posts are then donated to fire or flood effected farmers to rebuild fences and plant trees. 

In partnership with Plastic Forests and BlazeAid

Plastic neutral certification

kilograms of plastic offset in 2022

recycled plastic posts donated to Australian farmers

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