Australian skincare brand Kit take their new product line Plastic Neutral, committing to offset 2.8 tonnes of plastic in 2022

Plastic neutral certification
Plastic Neutral Certification

Mecca Magnation’s latest brand Kit re-launch their new skincare products as Plastic Neutral

Plastic neutral certification

Previously a household name in the cosmetics industry, the team at kit have spent the last two and a half years re-thinking what it means to be a truly sustainable skincare brand. kit has relaunched with 17 products, consciously formulated with high-quality, vegan-friendly, and naturally-derived ingredients. 

Kit have totally re-imagined their packaging, in most cases substituting virgin plastic for glass and aluminium, which can be recycled through their partnership with TerraCycle. Additionally, all of their cardboard cartons include FSC-certified paper stocks that are free of lamination, and are 100 percent recyclable. 


To compliment this carefully considered work, kit has pledged to take all of their products Plastic Neutral – meaning that for every kilogram of plastic they use in the products they sell, one kilogram will be recycled on their behalf. This means less plastic entering our oceans or ending up in landfill. Kit has also pledged to produce a Plastic Action Plan within 6 months, setting out the steps they have taken to reduce plastic and plans for continued reduction and improved circularity of unavoidable plastics.

In partnership with Plastic Forests and BlazeAid

Plastic neutral certification

kilograms of plastic offset in 2022

recycled plastic posts donated to Australian farmers

kit’s Plastic Neutral journey

Plastic Neutral Certification
Plastic neutral certification
Plastic neutral certification





Kit worked with Waste Revolution to complete a plastic footprint audit of their new product line. This provided them with visibility of which products were driving their plastic use. 


Kit engaged Waste Revolution early in the packaging design process, and have made the conscious choice to primarily use alternatives to plastic (like glass and aluminium etc). They have committed to continuously strive to reduce their plastic use and improve circularity through the production of a Plastic Action Plan.


Kit has committed to offset 2.8 tonnes of plastic in 2022, funding the production of over 500 recycled plastic fence posts made from hard to recycle plastics. These posts are then donated to fire or flood affected farmers to rebuild fences and plant trees. 

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