Mindfully formulated skincare brand Sepia launches as Plastic Neutral in 2023

Plastic Neutral certification
Plastic Neutral Certification
Plastic neutral certification

US-based skincare brand Sepia launches its premier offering as Plastic Neutral

Founded by a beauty industry expert and a clinical researcher, Sepia is mindfully formulated, inclusively tested and eco-consciously packaged. Rooted in transparency, inclusion and sustainability, Sepia offers a simplified routine of effective, evidence-based formulas that have been clinically proven to support all skin tones.

“We started Sepia because we were ready to see a new kind of skincare brand—one built on the idea of doing better. As part of this ethos, we are committed to holding ourselves accountable to our waste footprint, especially plastic, by measuring, off-setting and reevaluating our sustainability strategy on an on-going basis with third party partners. At Sepia we adhere to a Planet First Pledge because we believe what we put out into the world is just as important as what we put on our skin.” – Anna Bueno, Co-founder of Sepia


“Waste Revolution has been an invaluable partner in our sustainability journey. They offer a seamless process for companies to bring their plastic mitigation and plastic off-setting goals to fruition. With their guidance and support, we look forward to continued improvement in reducing the plastic impact that Sepia has on our planet and communities.”

Mike Modula, Co-founder of Sepia


In partnership with Plastic Forests and BlazeAid

Plastic Neutral Certification
Plastic Neutral Certification

kilograms of plastic offset in 2023

recycled plastic posts donated to Australian farmers

To take responsibility for their plastic impact, Sepia is funding the production of over 45 kg of recycled plastic posts. These posts are made of soft/flexible plastics, which currently have very poor recycling rates.

Not only is Sepia taking accountability for their plastic impact, but they are also contributing to Australian communities. Each plastic post is donated to Australian charity BlazeAid who help farmers rebuild their properties after natural disasters, by planting trees and rebuilding fence lines.

Sepia’s sustainability actions

Sepia has put environmental and sustainability considerations at the forefront of their brand from its inception. The actions they have already taken are shown to the right.

To build on their hard work in this space, Sepia has developed a Plastic Action Plan to help identify further opportunities for reduction, and set tangible targets.

Fewer, Better Products

Sepia is dedicated to creating high-performance products so your skin needs less to thrive. Fewer, better essentials—Sepia’s philosophy of skinimalism—means minimizing waste, clutter and strain on our environment. They don’t subscribe to the industry standard of endless product launches or following trends that promote overconsumption; Sepia believes in a more intentional approach to skincare.

Eco-conscious Packaging Choices

Sepia is committed to continual innovation in sustainable packaging, minimizing their use of plastic as much as possible and maximizing the use of renewables like glass, which is infinitely recyclable. Their product boxes are FSC-certified and 100% recyclable. Sepia strives to reduce their carbon and waste footprint by choosing lightweight components and avoiding unnecessary packaging like caps, clips, and oversized boxes.

Certified Plastic-Neutral

Because Sepia is not yet a plastic-free brand, they partner with Waste Revolution to measure, reduce and offset their plastic footprint. For every pound of plastic used in their packaging, one pound is recycled that otherwise wouldn’t be. Sepia also provides full transparency to the materials they use in their packaging, so you know what they are and how they can (or can’t) be recycled when you’re done.

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